PENGUIN Hosted Phone Systems Help Grow your Business

  • No more purchasing lines from the phone company.
  • No more paying for voicemail.
  • No more nickel and dime, fees and taxes.

Ditch the phone company and gain a customizable business class phone system for a fraction of the cost with our fully hosted VoIP Phone service offering.

Additionally, we offer a no hassle dial-tone only product that will start saving you money immediately off the phone line you have with the phone company.

Our Business Class PBX is an Advanced Hosted VOIP PBX

We Pride Ourselves On Professional, Robust Communications Systems

We offer businesses an unmatched set of features and tremendous flexibility in configuring their communications

  • Auto-attendant. Callers can be greeted and automatically transferred anywhere by multiple and multilevel auto-attendants – no receptionist needed.

  • Time Based Routing. You can specify how incoming calls get routed based on the criteria specific to your business.

  • Music or Messages on Hold. Callers can hear helpful messages and music on hold — company wide or personal.

  • Voicemail. Your team can pick up voicemail in emails, or from any phone. You can forward voicemail to colleagues in email.

  • Internet Fax. Faxes can be delivered to you or anywhere via email, and sent by simple file upload in a standard web browser.

  • Hunt Lists. Hunt Lists are lists of ring groups dialed in sequential order – an effective way ensure that important business calls always get answered.

  • Call Queues. Calls can be routed to call queues where they can be answered based on the business defined rules and priorities.

  • Find me / Follow me. Your customers and business partners reach your staff more easily through easy-to-set-up call routing rules.

  • Virtual Extensions. Call forwarding allows remote workers operate under a single virtual phone system with the directory, extensions, and voicemail.

  • Call Screening and Blocking. You know who is calling and can screen or block unknown or unwanted callers.

  • Auto-provisioning. Popular handsets can be setup and configured very quickly by using templates.

Let Us Handle the Phone System

So you and your team can handle what matters

Let’s Get Started!

Fast Installation

Phone Systems are configured in Advance of the Install to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We do All the Work for You

Calls are handled perfectly per your instruction from day one. Once the phones are installed it’s as easy as picking up the receiver. The transition is seamless to your team and customers.

Easy to Use

User friendly and intuitive tools make changes and management of your system easy.

Simplicity Matters

Access the User Portal which provides a simple web interface for managing your own settings, including access to directory, voicemail, call logs, call forwarding, follow-me, call screening and recording.

Call Center Functionality

Call Center Features and Functionality

Going Beyond the Typical PBX

Go beyond the functionality of the typical PBX system to allow your business to set up a professional and efficient Call Center style to call handling.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Feature Rich and the Most Dynamic Phone System on the Market, PENGUIN Hosted Phone Systems take VOIP Phones to another level with Advanced Connectivity and the Ability to Make Changes Quickly and Efficiently.